Catania & Nearby

Salvia Patisserie, Via Etnea, 302,-304, near Bellini Park in Catania

This is take out at its finest! Try the Arancini, a rice specialty of Sicily that must be eaten in Sicily to taste the real deal. There are plenty of choices for a light lunch or snack and even some tempting sweets. You can take your items across the street to a large city park with plenty of benches and other fun places to enjoy your treats.

Murabito Cristina, Via Strabone, 2

There are many more expensive restaurants on the scenic piazzas of Taormina. But just east of the Piazza del Duomo is a great spot for Italian take out food. You can get delicious pizza, focaccia and other Sicilian “take-out” food made with the freshest ingredients. They also make several kinds of biscotti that are not to be missed! Take your treats back to the piazza and have a relaxing light lunch that is the best deal in town.

Randazzo – near Mt. Etna

Gli Antichi Sapori, Via Roma, 32

You can make a pleasant stop in this small hill town along the train route that circles Mt. Etna. We had a fantastic lunch in their quaint dining room. It was off season, so we found a table easily. The food is classic Sicilian, like the fava bean pasta dish that Bob devoured. This is a spot that will not disappoint. The service was friendly and efficient. It looked like they have outdoor seating in the warmer months. Don’t miss this gem in the heart of the old center of Randazzo.

Santa Maria La Scala – below Acireale

La Grotta, Via Scala Grande, 46

Take a pleasant stroll down the steps from the center of Acireale, and you’ll arrive at the fishing village of Santa Maria La Scala. When you enter La Grotta, you can select from the fresh fish that has been caught that morning. You can tell them how you want it cooked and then enjoy an excellent meal. Get there early if you visit in the summertime.

Syracuse & Southeast Coast 

Apollonian Osteria da Carlo, Via Carmelo Campisi, 18, Ortygia

This excellent Sicilian restaurant does not offer a menu because it changes according to the fish caught that day. On our visit in March, 2012, we had at least nine seafood antipasti, followed by exquisite seafood pasta dishes. For this dinner, we ordered the house wine, which was fine. However, they also seemed to have a large selection of Sicilian wines. When they asked if we wanted the grilled fish entree or dessert next, we could only manage dessert. We weren’t disappointed with our choice because the desserts were fresh and good. We enjoyed the friendly and efficient service and had one of the best meals in Sicily for 40 euros per person.

Porto Empedocle

Salmoriglio, Via Roma 27, Porto Empedocle

If you are near Agrigento, this is a great seafood restaurant for lunch or dinner. The seafood is all fresh and the dishes are quite creative and savory. They also make their own pasta with interesting sauces and tasty Sicilian cheeses. It’s a comfortable spot with linen tablecloths and napkins and reasonable prices. Closed on Tuesdays. Cefalù Gelateria Pasticceria Cangelosi Near the train station If you like sweets and fresh cannoli, this paticceria is worth the walk. Everything is made in-house and when you want a cannoli, they make it up fresh—it’s not sitting in the case. Look for the red door.


L’Approdo, Via del Lido, Marzamemi, Sicily

L’Approdo offers indoor and outdoor seating near the harbor of Marzamemi, not far from Marina di Ragusa. You will get the freshest seafood—order their house special antipasti for a generous sampling of seafood and vegetable antipasti, both cold and hot. Then try any of their pasta and seafood dishes. You won’t be disappointed. This family run restaurant gives fabulous service with Sicilian hospitality. After lunch, explore the old tuna factory that is now a great place to walk around and find dessert or an espresso.


Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, Corso Umberto I, 159

This is one of the oldest chocolate factories in the area. It’s a great spot for chocolate, as well as interesting sweets. Don’t miss the fresh cannoli. They make it while you wait. They also have delicious candied orange peels and other specialties of the season. Try to go when it’s not too busy and they will offer samples.


Gelato: Gelati di Vini, Piazza del Duomo, 20Ragusa, Sicily

The gelato is made onsite with fresh ingredients and a wide variety of flavors. The lemon cream gelato was the best I’ve ever had. The gracious staff are always ready to provide samples.


Gelateria Pasticceria Cangelosi –Near the train station

If you like sweets and fresh cannoli, this paticceria is worth the walk. Everything is made in-house and when you want a cannoli, they make it up fresh—it’s not sitting in the case. Look for the red door.

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