Tazza d’Oro, Via degli Orfani 84,
Not far from the Pantheon, this famous coffee bar serves excellent espresso. Watch how people order and follow. You pay first, put your receipt on the counter and watch the barrista do his magic. It’s usually busy, but fun.

Barberini, Via Marmorata 41 – Testaccio neighborhood
This pasticerria not only serves excellent coffee, they have some of the best cornettos (croissants) in town. Also, try their Tiramisu cups or any pastry for that matter. The staff are very professional and cordial. The best pasticcerria we’ve found in Rome.

Dinner & Drinks

romeo, Piazza dell’Emporio 28,, tel: 06-32110120-(near Boca di Verità)
This is where you can find some of the new and creative restaurants that are popping up all over Rome. Near the more popular tourist venues, the restaurants all seem to have the same items listed on their menus. But at romeo, the atmosphere is fun and very non-tradional, with a very modern interior and  fun lighting fixtures. Get there early because it fills up fast. This eclectic spot uses traditional Roman cuisine and gives it a new twist. There are a wide variety of interesting dishes from their antipasti to their entrees. They also bake their own bread and make a tempting variety of desserts. Their byline is romeo—chef and baker, so you can’t go wrong. Nice area outside, too.

Prati Neighborhood

Il Sorpaso, Via Properzio 31
This is a fun wine bar & light dinner option. They have a wide variety of fun & creative antipasti (light dishes), lots of delicious small plates, a good wine list and delicious bread. You can sit outside when the weather is nice. They don’t accept reservations and they are quite popular with the in crowd in Rome.

Mi Va, Via Ezio, 23, tel: 06 3202682

It looks smaller than it is, with just a few tables outside. But there is much more seating available inside this cosy, family run restaurant. I only had a chance for one quick meal, but it was fresh and tasty. The service is friendly and it has a nice atmosphere. I can’t wait to go back!

Sa Pratolina, Via degli Scipiani, 248/250 – tel: 06 36004409
If you want to find a truly Roman pizza, this is the place. They let their dough rise for 48 hours and you can tell the difference. This is a comfortable restaurant with pizza, pasta and salads. It’s popular, so you might want to make a reservation if it’s the weekend.

Bonci Pizzeria, Via della Meloria, 43- Behind the Vatican
This casual pizza spot offers pizza by the slice with a myriad of options. Definitely one of the best pizza/focaccia by the slice joints you’ll in Rome.

Testaccio Neighborhood

Il Trapizzino, Via Giovanni Branca, 88
This is street food at its best! The trapizzino is a sandwich made with the best focaccia bread you’ve ever had. Then, choose one of the fillings of the day. They also make supplì, a Roman rice ball fried to perfection.

Volpetti Più, Via Alessandro Volta, 8
Cafeteria-style food called “Tavola Calda”, this is where you’ll find the best pizza by the slice on this side of town. Check out the store next door, Volpetti, for meats,  cheeses and more specialty items to take home.


Buff,  Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 141B
We haven’t been here yet, but our friends raved about the fresh food and fun atmosphere, so I have to add it to the list of places to try in Trastevere.

Pianostrada-Laboratorio di Cucina, Vicolo del Cedro
It’s worth braving the windy alleys of Trastevere to find this amazing spot.  Here you will find the best focaccia ever—which makes for amazing sandwiches. They also have many interesting small plates that you try. Everything is fresh and creative. Get there early because the small eatery fills up fast.

Romolo, Via di Porta Settimana, 8
We thoroughly enjoyed this traditional trattoria serving wonderful Roman dishes. It’s a bit more upscale, but the prices are reasonable for what you get. The service is impeccable and they have a beautiful inside terrace when the weather permits.

Central Rome
Gina, Via San Sebastianello, 7 – near Spanish Steps
When you’re yearning for something besides pasta and pizza, head here for delicious sandwiches, soups, salads and even quiche. They also serve many traditional Italian dishes. We’ve only tried them at lunchtime. However, both times (5 years apart), we weren’t disappointed.

Angelina, Via Poli 27, – near the Trevi Fountain
We stopped here for lunch and they offered an amazing buffet for 12 euros. It was the most amazing selection of dishes and salads. Everything was freshly made and didn’t sit for long. Good wine selection and great atmosphere.

Nonna Betta, Via del Portico d’Ottavia 16
We haven’t tried this spot in the Jewish Quarter yet, but it’s highly recommended for its traditional Jewish-Roman cuisine.

Via Appia
Il Giardino di Giulia & Fratelli, Via Appia Antica, 176 -Via Appia Way
We walked the Via Appia one Sunday and stumbled upon this spot. It’s popular with the locals for their tasty & traditional dishes. They have a pleasant outdoor patio for sunny days and they do a tasty barbecue. The day we had lunch, there was a wonderful and generous buffet that offered a wide array of tasty dishes at a very reasonable price. Giulia was there cooking and watching over everything.


I Caruso, Via Collina 13,, tel: 06-86219934

One of the best gelato spots in Rome. There are several locations in the city. We found the one just north of the Termini Train Station.

Come il Latte, Via Silvio Spaventa,21

Another great gelato spot near I Caruso.

Fatamorgana, Piazza degli Zingari,5

This company has several locations. This one is in the Monti, near the Metro Cavour. There’s also one in Trastevere at 

Il Gelato di Claudio Torce, Viale Aventino, 59,

This is another recommendation by Amanda Ruggeri’s blog, Revealed Rome-

Camping Roma, Lucina 29,

Another great gelateria, the small shop is located at Piazza San Lorenzo, in between the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon.

Gelateria del Teatro, Via San Simone 70, near Piazza Novona

Another artisan gelateria on a quiet lane close to Piazza Novona. Here you’ll find a wide variety of interesting flavors using the freshest ingredients to make gelato and granites. They also offer a nice selection of fresh pastries.

Gelateria San Crispino, Via della Pannetteria 42,

Near the Trevi fountain, this is another good choice for gelato.

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