Northern Spain

Bilbao, Spain

Baserri Maitea
B. Atxondoas/n, Borua-Bizkaia (Gernika) near Bilbao
One of the best meals we had in Spain. This restaurant is located near the town of Gernika, in an old farm house. Every dish was exquisite and the service was wonderful. We were taken here by old friends who live in Bilbao, so we knew we were in for a treat. Seating is inside or outside in a beautiful patio.

Pintxos Bars
If  10 pm is too late for dinner, try the tasty Pintxos Bars during Happy Hour. Pinxtos (peen chohz) is the Basque word for Tapas, a small, appetizer plate. Look for crowds of people enjoying a drink and sharing enjoying small bites of food. Some bars have everything on the counters sitting at room temperature. But try to find the bars that are actively making the dishes fresh from the kitchen. If you don’t speak Spanish, simply smile and point to a plate! 

Old Town (Casca Viejo)
On the Plaza Nuevo
Gure Toki:
Try the Carrillera de Ibérico. 

Victor Montes, Plaza Nuevo, 8
An old establishment with good pintxos.

Bar Motrikes
41 Calle Somera
Be sure to try the mushroom pinxtos!

Irrintzi: c/Santa María, 8
Lots of creative pinxtos in old town


La Viña del Ensanche: Calle de la Diputacíon 10
A popular spot on a great street for pinxtos. More locals and fewer tourists.

El Globo: Calle de la Diputacíon, 8
Another fun spot for drinks and pinxtos

San Sebastián

La Cuchara de San Telmo, Calle del Treinta y Uno de Agosto, 28
Located in the old town of San Sebastián, this is a small and friendly spot serving fresh and creative pintxos. You can stand at the bar or eat outside.
Note: The old town of San Sebastián has plenty of great Pinxtos bars. Just look for the crowds standing around enjoying the food.


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