Italy—Le Marche


Taverna della Rocca, Via G. Leopardi 20-22, Castello di Frontone

Located nearby the Castle of Frontone, this cosy trattoria serves wonderful, traditional dishes. The pasta is made in-house and a wide selection of meats are cooked on the wood-fired coals, inside the main dining room. This is a popular spot for locals as well as us tourists who are lucky to find it.


Ristorante Osteria La Giocanda, Via Brancuti

Near the theatre in the old town center, this is an excellent spot for a great meal. Dining is inside a modern but cosy two rooms. If you go during the busier summer season, it would be wise to make a reservation. The food is wonderful, with a creative touch to traditional Marchegiano dishes. Everything is made in-house, including the delicious desserts. Our semi-freddo with caramel sauce was amazing.

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